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Serenity Sewell - "Sirens"

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2021 Glassroots Fellowship Exhibition

Serenity Sewell - "Sirens"

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A woodcut reduction block print, carved in 4 sessions, printed with 5 colors and 4 registrations

12 x 12"

My name is Serenity Sewell and I tend to dabble in many different mediums, but I’m most familiar with 2D illustration, painting, and oil pastel work. My art typically expresses my constantly evolving feelings, emotions, and outlook on life as I take steps to become the person I want to be. The emotions I feel and the things I have going on usually can drastically change my art style; my art quickly becoming more sporadic with twisted tones and styles in times of my life where there are hectic periods of disorder and a lack of control. However, most of my pieces hold more of a human-esque aspect to them, resembling the feeling of what it means to be human. This can be shown in terms of feeling, emotion, identity, physical features, etc. I try to replicate the beauty that life can hold in my own way. The mind’s eye warps everyone’s view of everything so when I create art, I hope that people can get a deeper insight into how I see the world, the people around me, and how I comprehend my own imagination, wonders, and curiosities.


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