Brianna Lancaster "Existential Ribbons"
Brianna Lancaster "Existential Ribbons"
Incubation: Artists in Pursuit of Discovery

Brianna Lancaster "Existential Ribbons"


dark blue wool, VHS tape, and red, yellow and blue rayon
6 shaft hand weaving
17" x 113"

"This piece, Existential Ribbons, represents the choices I’ve had to make in the midst of tragedies, taking place over the last four years, that have led me to this point. The dark blue wool in the background was obtained from an estate sale of a dear weaver friend, who passed away during cancer surgery. The loom it was woven on was obtained from another dear weaver friend, who also passed away due to cancer complications. The VHS tape used to cross the piece was obtained from cleaning out my father’s office, after he passed away in 2016, from stage 4 cancer. The bright rayon stripes are the only piece I obtained from someone living, my mother. They are the brightest of the piece. They show a promise for the future despite everything that happened."

The assistantship came to me while I was in a crossroads of my life. I was really sick and I had just quit my 9 to 5 job in order to heal. I was also at the point in my professional life where I was debating whether to stay in the science field, which has been my goal for the last 10 years of my life, or to turn around and pursue the art that has always taken a backseat since I was big enough to sit at my mother’s loom. When this assistantship came to my attention, I knew I had nothing to lose from trying to pursue my art. Pursuing my science career brought me into the darkest time of my life, and pursuing the art in my life shined a new light into it. I followed those ribbons towards the assistantship, which gave me my life back.

Brianna Lancaster, Lincoln Park, NJ 
Being born into the depths of the loom, Brianna was destined for great things. As a wee child, she would assist her brother in demoing for other wee children at fairs while her mother worked with the adults. Growing up, Brianna took a sharp detour and got a BA in Animal Science. Following graduation, she worked at Veterinary Hospitals and acquired more certifications and is now going back to school for another science based degree. As of late 2018, She found herself in a research facility doing groundbreaking work with monkeys. But alas, it had to come to an end. She got really sick and started to reevaluate the path of her life. Finding that art had become so squashed down in her pursuit of animals and science, she decided to quit her job and return to art in which she was born into. Now, she is plowing full force into a life in the arts and exploring everything it has to offer.

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