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PV 50th Anniversary Ladies T-Shirt
Dove of Piece - SF
2022 GlassRoots Fellowship Exhbition
A Modern Mini Challenge: I Used to Be a Shirt
Ailsa Stevenson
Amanda Seanor
Andrea Lyn Van Benschoten
Andy Schmitt
Oliver and His Unlikely Friend
Bottle Opener AK
I Just Make Stuff T-Shirt
Blossom Flower Pin
Lace Cuff Suley Too
Bubble Hand Bag
Barrick Design
Turned Bottle Opener RR
Berry Basket
Beehive Handmade
Turned Bottle Opener RR
Bellflower Creations
Bertoni Designs
Silk Scarf BM
Best Studios
Christmas Gnomes
The ABC's of Blacksmithing
Mug BH
101 Uses for Moonshine
Tiny Round Bowl
BL - Mug
Blank Card BR
Various Small Ewers
Ornate Server
Postcard CG
Flax and Lavender Neck Wrap
Round Flower Ornament
Caryn L Hetherston
Earth Urn Vase
Bud Vase CJ
Sterling Silver Earings CJ
Candy Cane Ornament CD
Plate CP
Chris Risano
Set of 4 Coasters
Candle House
Coffee & Tea
Coffee Lover
Lake Mohawk Book
Color Muse
Large Pizza Cutter RR
Cookware & Kitchen Tools
Corrinn Jusell
Making Good
Bright Mosaic Cuff Links
Anagama Yunomi MG
Czashka Ross
Dallas Wooten
Folkie JRs
Maple Leaf Ornament
Ti Cone Bracelet
Faceted Mug DG
Offset Maple Burl
Small Earrings DL
Light & Dark Green Single Kaleidoscope
Deb Kaplan Designs - Travel Cups
Whimsy Crocheted Animal
"Wild" Flower Wave
JoAnne Russo - Hat
Dwight Malmstrom
Sterling Reeds
Miniature Train Set
Three Corner Spalted Bowl
Pennsylvania Ornament
Glass Pendant
Emily Haag
Delaware Water Gap T - Shirt - Unisex
EB Pump Bottle
Fan Pattern Earrings
Erika Hewston
Mont Infinity Scarf
Dog Ornament
2021 GlassRoots Exhibition Catalog
Face Masks
Fall Favorites
Soy Candle
Turned Bottle Opener RR
Long Triangle Earrings
Adult -  Pumpkin Pie
1 - Large Diamond Earrings
Flax and Lavender Neck Wrap
Peters Valley Cookbook
For Kids
For the Artist
Fran Singh
From the Fire
Ash Table with Red Elm Legs - Pick Up Only
Utility Knife
Gary Upp - Wooden Barn Hanging
Single Greeting Card GD
Route Package Protection
"Wild" Flower Wave
Square Oil Bottle
GlassRoots Fellowship Exhibition
Puppy Club - Emmy
Cutting Board with Leaves Handle
Glass Pumpkin - Small
Soy Candle
Bubble Hand Bag
Holiday Ornament HIW
No. 4
Baby Hat
Hummingbird HC
Bee Studs
High School Student Exhibition 2021
3-Blossom Necklace
Round Ornament - Red
Housewarming & Host
Sipper IP
Ice Cream Lover
Spanish Marbling
Accessory Pendant
Horizontal Stripe Chenille Scarf
Trinket Dish
Shibori Tea Towel
Wrench Bottle Opener
Encircled Beetle Necklace
Woman w/ Baroque Pearl Ring
Porcelain Pendants
The Arrival of Ms. Crock Pot Card
Bowl JW
1 - Large Diamond Earrings
Beveled Box
Beveled Box
Black Walnut Stump Table  - Pick Up Only
Wooden Jewelry Box
Artist Brushes
John Kiersten
Single Lapidarian Cabachon Stone - SM
John Reinking
Jon Dix
Large Bottle Opener
Chopsticks - Gallery Design
Small Sanded Finish Mezuzah
Handthrown: East Asian Wedged Coil Technique DVD
Dot Dot Dot Necklace
Kachina Leigh
Bowl KC
Japanese Earrings
Urchin - Copper, enamel, SS
Small Collage Cards
Hudson Satin Scarf
Drop Earrings
Sleepy Hollow to New Hampshire and Walpack in Between
Moonstone Necklace
Regular Mug
Kitchen & Serving
Resin Earrings
Kristin Muller
Friendship Star Ornament
PA Home Watercolor Painting
Larry Kerner
Live Edge Flight
Dusk Light on the Grampians
Photographing the Female Form
Set of Four Leaf Coasters - Black
Small Koi Bottle LA
Tiny Round Bowl
Long Ceramic Spoon
Small Bottle
Amanda at Bat
Tumbler LY
Liz Kinder
72" Table Runner B&Gra
Cobalt Vase
Love + Leche
Love the Kids
Love your Fella
Loves Bracelets
Loves Earrings
Loves Rings
Loves to Celebrate
Loves to Cook
Loves to Create
Loves to Entertain
Loves to Garden
Loves to Relax
Amoeba Earrings
Extra Small Porcelain Post Earrings
Small Teardrop Earrings
Maia Leppo
Makena Henriksen - U Twist Earrings
Medium-Small Picture Frame
Ribbon Rayon Scarf
Mug MG
Small Curved Ring
Yacking Ibises Tile
PV 50th Anniversary Mens T-Shirt
Walking Stick
Rain Necklace
D-33 Grand Strumstick & Soft Case
Various Santas
Mehmet Unver
Anvil Disguise Pin
Michael Porfido
Michael Shatt
Michael W. O'Malley
Bi Angle Tool
EBCup w Handle
Block Party Keychain
Colorblock Wallhanging
Anagama Chawan
Momo Glassworks
Block Party Keychain
Piece of my Heart
Song Book
Organic Circle Pendants
Bird on Copper Pitcher
Onyx Tie
Teal Blue Morpho Earrings
Cup NN
Nolan Baumgartner
Handmade Holiday Card
Bamboo Walking Stick
Micro Paintings Framed
Pamela Wilson
Paul Plumadore
Penny Merkel
Quilt Rack - Pick Up Only
Peters Valley Alumni
Floral Greeting Card
Peters Valley Swag
Matted Photograph
Agate Pin/Pendant
72" Table Runner B&Gra
Tiny Rectangle
Erica Bingham - 8x10" Prints
Erica Bingham - 8x10" Prints
Kuff Wide Q3
Rachel Alvarez
Rachel BondBaron
Nu Iron Age
Floral Greeting Card
Ray Yaros
Kokopeli Watch Pendant - SS, hematite, steel case
Inside Out - Catalog
Leather Travel Bag
Richard Wortman
Ring Dish with Malachite Butterfly
Rist Innovations
Robert Rosand
Robert Skinner
Medium Tote
Lake Mohawk Book
Ross Kunze
Square Tubing Studs Long
Mixing Paddle
Large Peppermill
Hummingbird Ornament SG
Salvage Arts
Creepy Santa Cards
Abstract Roses in Cool Tones - 15x60
Master Your Craft
Sean Fitzsimmons
4" Tea Scoop
Chopsticks - Gallery Design
Seth Nagelberg
Sharron Famiglietti - Kiln 21 Pottery
Shiro Otani
Soap Rocklet
Adult -  Aloe
Sol Mate Socks
Staff Picks
PV Workshop Decals
Stephanie Maddalena
Stephen Hill
PV Workshop Decals
Amharic Necklace
Set of 4 Coasters
Tumbler SB
Beaded Earrings SJR
Ukraine Sunflower Pin
Susan's Scarves - White Cotton Baby Hat: 0-3m
PV 50th Anniversary Mens T-Shirt
Soap Rocklet
4.75" Blue w/ White Design Bowl
Rotating Jewelry Holder, Medium
Takeshi DVD
TK20 - Small chandelier dot studs
Tea Lover
Teeny Tiny Vase TP
Origami Ornament
Delaware Water Gap Tour Postcard
Timothy Jacobsen
Mug TH
Toots Dog Bench - Pick Up Only
Bud Vase CJ
Nebula II
Matted Photograph
Water Gap Woodturners
Walking Stick
Wen Redmond
Woven Scarf WC
Milan T-Shirt Ladies
12-Point Star
13in Spoon - Original Design
Hammer Circle Earrings
Yanina Siani
Small Icicle Ornament
Zuzko Jewelry