Craft Fair Exhibitor Information

Exhibitor Information Needed:
There is information we have not asked for previously, that is required for your Virtual Booth during the live event. We have separated the form into sections so that you can get us any immediate changes ASAP and submit additional info when it is ready. The information on pages 2 & 3 of the form is REQUIRED. ALL information and changes must be submitted by October 5th. View Form

This video provides an explanation and visual example for each segment of information needed.

New "Fallback Provider" Feature
The issue about what do when you have to walk away from your screen has been resolved! Hopin has created a "Fallback Provider" which will play automatically when you turn your Session video off.
  • You can link to a YouTube, Vimeo or Wisteo Video or Google Slides.
  • To provide the best experience for attendees this is required.
  • If you do not submit your link by October 5th, we will put a generic default Google Slide in place.
  • If you are submitting a video, this will be your final, uploaded video.
  • If you are submitting Google Slides (could be a singular slide, or a slideshow) the link will be the same as you continue to update the document once you've publish it to the web.
More new features from Hopin
  • Moderator designation - each of your will be assigned as the "Moderator" in your booth, enabling you to control guest videos (you will have to manually allow their videos to broadcast), and receive notifications in the chat when someone enters your booth. You must register for the event in order for us to do this (please do this via the link if you haven't yet!)
  • Tags: Attendees will be able to filter booths by category; they can also search for a specific vendors name
  • Updated image dimensions. See Google Form for updated specs if you'd like to resubmit your image
Event Information
Name: 50th Annual Peters Valley Craft Fair...Re-Imagined! 

Date: ONLINE October 10-11, 2020, 10:00am-5:00pm ET

The event will also be live Sat. 5pm-Sun. 10am, but you are not expected to be present. You are welcome to book special appointments or shop during this time of course, and know that customers will be able to shop as well.

Registration Links: (Please note we are charged for every registration. To make this viable for our organization, but also accessible for our audience, we have several options for different groups.)

Attendee Video Tutorial
This video shows to navigate the online show platform specially for the Peters Valley Craft Fair. Watch it and share it with your customers:

    Promotional Language: Join us for a unique, live, and interactive craft fair! Meet over 80 juried artists in their Virtual Booths and shop their incredible selection of handmade jewelry, pottery, and other wearable and home items & gifts from the comfort of your home.

    [Or in bullet format:]
    Join us for a unique, live, and interactive craft fair!

    • Meet the makers in their Virtual Booths
    • Buy from over 80 juried artists from the comfort of your home
    • Customizable, fun shopping experience
    • See behind the scenes and ask artists about their process
    • Computer recommended, but platform works on phones and tablets too! Chrome or Firefox browser recommended.
    • #petersvalleycraftfair 

    Download Press Release

    Promotional Graphics: (Click link to download)

    • PDF 4x6 Postcard Front Side | Back Side
    • Customizable Graphic | Instructions:
      • Graphic can be used as it, or you can replace the image with your own piece of work.
      • When replacing the image, either use a PNG file with transparent background around the artwork to make it come out from the computer, or use and image inside the borders of the laptop screen
      • Move the dates around based on the width of your image
    • Customizable Animated Graphic (coming soon)

    Promotional Recommendations & Opportunities:

    • Use #petersvalleycraftfair and tag @petersvalley & @petersvalleygallery on all your social media posts to promote the event. We’ll share your posts as stories on our accounts. Encourage your audiences to follow the hashtag, and please share our posts too!
    • Post about your work and the events twice a week leading up to the event, and help us by joining our "crowdspeaking":
      • Post a "push out" which focuses on information about the event and registration so people will come see you and shop. 
      • Post a "sneak peek" about what you'll have or be doing to build hype.
      • "Crowdspeaking" is a way of coordinating our social media support together to give our message more resonance and collectively reach a wider audience. Let's all post 2 days before the event, October 8th and include one of our graphics and our language in your post.
    •  We’ll be highlighting a few exhibitors in each of our weekly emails to registrants and on social media. Share your stories with us so we can promote you - Is there anything special you have planned to do during the fair? Do you have a video about your work/practice/process? Blog or podcast?

        Zoom Meeting Tutorial Sessions & Hopin Practice Event: 
        Join us for these collaborative Zoom Sessions where we will work collectively and share best practices and recommendations so that we can all learn from each other and find success in the digital marketplace. All sessions will be recorded and links will be uploaded to this website.

        • Friday 9/11/20 12pm ET | E-Commerce Website (Square/Weebly) Creation & Easy Photos 
          We'll take you through the steps needed to create your own full website with an ecommerce shop easily and inexpensively, and provide recommendations for content, tips and details. Watch the recording
        • Friday 9/18/20 12pm ET | Promotion & Social Media
          We'll provide instruction on setting up and linking social media accounts and email marketing, share our plans for promoting this event and the power of collective promotion, and how you can utilize the same strategies to promote both this event and your own work to your audience. Watch the recording
        • Friday 9/25/20 12pm ET | Transactional Protocols
          We'll tackle all the little details of successfully selling online so your customers will keep coming back. Topics include making sales, policies (returns, repairs), plan/pricing for shipping, and communication. Watch the recording
        • Friday 10/2/20 12pm ET | Hopin Tips, Hive Mind Planning
          With one week before the big event, we'll get together to brainstorm best practices and explore ways for each exhibitor to tailor the platform for their unique needs. We'll create a practice live event on Hopin to reacquaint you with the experience. Watch the recording 
        • 10/1 12pm -10/2 11:55pm | Hopin Practice Event *Event Ended* 
          • 10/7-10/9/20 | Hopin Practice Event
            This will be a duplicate of the real event, but hidden and accessible via emailed link Register here
            • You will have to register for this event, separate from the main event, to gain access
            • The practice event will be live from 11:00amET 10/7-11:55pmET 10/9
            • To guarantee you are set as a Moderator for your booth, you must register by 10:00amET 10/7. After this time, we will check registrations periodically and add you as our availability allows. 
            • You will have these 3 days around the clock to practice in your booth, visit other exhibitors in their booths to learn from each other, and schedule times for meeting with event staff.
              • If you want other exhibitors to enter your booth as a guest put your availability in the main event chat. Likewise, you can refer to the chat to see who wants guests in their booths.
            • Brienne and Lakota/Peters Valley Gallery will be in their booths each day from 1:00-2:00pm for anyone to visit with questions, and exhibitors can schedule a time with either Brienne or Lakota (please choose only one to give everyone an opportunity).
              Book appointment with Brienne | Book appointment with Lakota
            • To notify us of any errors or make changes for information in your booth email Raechel at She will be updating these changes as her availability allows.
            Saturday 10/10 5:30pmET | Exhibitor Happy Hour Get-Together Register here 

               Videos Tutorials: (click link to watch)

              Info for those listing products through the Peters Valley Gallery
              If you would now like to sell your products through us instead of your own site, email us ASAP at

              August 21st Zoom Meeting - explanation of inventory set up & requirements; Conversation and Q&A with artists

              Submission Deadline: September 20th. Subsequent deadlines are listed in instructions document linked below.