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By Rich Kriebs

Rich Kriebs isn’t above doing some “dumpster diving” if that’s what it takes to secure an interesting piece of vintage wood. He uses the wood, along with old hardware and other vintage finds, to create unique pieces of folk art.  

“I’m a scavenger at heart, so hunting for the materials is half the fun,” Rich says. “I gather old wood from a variety of sources as they pop up…my basement is filled with wood in a wide variety of colors and textures.”

Each of Rich’s pieces maintains its “as-found” textures, patinas and colors. No new paint is applied, only a flat clear-coat to seal and protect the old surfaces. 

“I draw my own patterns and select the materials to assure that each piece is a one-of-a-kind piece of primitive folk art,” he says. “My mother was an artist, and I guess I inherited some of her creativity.”