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This field is so vast that it offers a constant supply of techniques and materials to learn and explore. The different avenues of making a living are equally broad.

The studio work is comprised of many facets: Instruction at various locations, Custom commissions, Limited edition jewelry line, Repairs & Restorations. My pieces range in size and function, from jewelry to tabletop to functional items, etc.

The concept of function is an integral starting point for my work. I like to add special features that make the item work differently from the norm while maintaining elegance in design and a high level of craftsmanship. The ability to play with ideas of construction and function means engineering becomes a challenge, and I savor it.

I work back and forth a lot while creating a piece. I don’t have things completely designed before I begin, but instead start with a concept of the item and rough sketches; then move into making a model out of cardboard, clay and armature wire. I am very hands-on so CAD is not for me! Sometimes as I work unexpected things happen. I lay the pieces down and a totally new idea comes to mind. Often these enlightened moments produce my most successful designs.