Philip Read: Mountain Path Studio

Phil has an M.F.A. in Studio Painting and a B.F.A. in Interdisciplinary Arts. He also has a degree in Chemical Engineering with a Major in Microbiology. Phil's paintings are in museums and private collections in USA, Canada, Turkey, England, China, Taiwan, Italy and Japan. Bio:Phil was born in England, a land and culture of myths, legends and the mystical. He has traveled to many countries in search of experiencing the myths and spirit of diverse cultures. The mountains, oceans, rivers and waterfalls still inspire his compositions. The subjects in his work are a unified series of lines, symbols and compositions that create a natural balance of aesthetic beauty. Phil constructs his paintings within a matrix of color fields, symbols, signs, light, sound and poetry that explore the multiple layers of the human and cultural experience. He continues to explore the concept of 3d paintings with the aid of technology to enhance the visual effect. Symbols and signs create narratives beyond language and each person can read the compositions specific to their own culture and life experience. It is a form of visual story telling.

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