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Paul Plumadore has been making paper montage art since 1975 and was named "Upcoming Illustrator" by Art Direction Magazine in 1976. His collages have graced book jackets, record covers, and editorial stories for Dell Books, Avon Books, RCA Records, Psychology Today, The New York Times, among others.

He began his eclectic career when he discovered dance at age 7. By his early 20s, he was on the faculty of the Dance Department at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, after receiving his BFA there and becoming a founding member of The NYU Dance Ensemble. He went on to perform with The Paul Taylor Dance Company, to head the Dance Department at Sweet Briar College in Virginia, and to present his own choreography under the aegis of Paul Plumadore & Co.

He and his partner, Jim Tindell, formed River Road Antiques Ltd in 1994, selling antiques at such venues as The Henry Ford Museum in Detroit, The Carnegie Museum in Pittsburg, and The Park Avenue Armory in New York City.

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