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March 13 | Jake Pfeifer of Hot Glass Alley

Jake will be our featured guest on Meet the Artist, Saturday, March 13th at 11am ET on Zoom. To learn more about or register for the event click here.

About the Artist

Jake, glass artist, and owner of Hot Glass Alley, has been blowing glass since he was 14 years old. Even at that young age, Jake could see the technical challenges, but also the range of possibilities in using glass as an art medium. He worked during high school with an experienced glass blower in New Jersey, and took as many classes as possible. He learned to blow glass and create glass art pieces; graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2010 with a BFA in glass and glass sculpture. Jake’s inspiration and creativity comes in many forms; and the work is personal. Each piece receives his enthusiasm and perseverance for excellence. His vision for each piece encompasses an understanding of the properties and movement of glass and application of color. Jake uses a large color palette and doesn’t limit himself to just a few colors or shapes. His work is both functional and sculptural.

Jake wants to engage people to look at the work over and over, and find something new and beautiful each time. In the end, the goal is for each piece to promote an understanding and appreciation of glass art. Each piece is part of his journey.



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