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March 6 | Debra Adelson

Debra will be our featured guest on Meet the Artist, Saturday, March 6th at 11am ET on Zoom. To learn more about or register for the event click here.

About the Artist

“I pride myself on a line of jewelry that features a mixture of innovative design and a fashion-forward use of color. My goal is for each piece to have a synthesis of balance and composition, form and color.”

Using classical jewelers’ techniques, Debra Adelson constructs her pieces from a combination of hand-fabricated sterling silver, cold-worked glass, and natural gemstones.

Adelson works the glass in its solid form by laminating colored sheets to clear blocks, creating vibrant, opalescent color. She then sculpts it by grinding, polishing, and stone-wheel engraving. She does not use any molds. Every piece is completely handmade start to finish by her personally.

Adelson earned her degree in jewelry design and metalsmithing at Tyler School of Art, where she was encouraged to experiment with materials other than those commonly used by other jewelers. She spent many years working with plastics, and then transitioned to glass after becoming a mother and desiring to work with a renewable resource.