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By Leanne Boudreau

Your home is the place where your life happens. You decorate it to reflect your personality and values and choose each piece carefully. But it's not a museum, and it needs to work with your life.

Creating functional household textiles using natural fibers, I focus on the art of the everyday, on pieces that can be used and loved. Heirloom quality that you can clean in your washer and dryer and that will get even better with age.

My name is Leanne Boudreau and my work focuses on texture, color, and woven pattern. Beginning with yarn made from natural fibers, each strand is threaded onto my vintage handloom. Individually handwoven and hand finished, every piece is painstakingly handcrafted from start to finish and is made to last a lifetime.

I studied textile design, fiber art, and fine art at UMass Dartmouth, Brown University, and the Rhode Island School of Design and founded Loomination® in 2013. I create each piece in my sunny studio in the woods in Westminster, MA, at the base of Mount Wachusett.