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FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $250!
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Jan Hartley of Hartley Studios

 A note from the artist:

"My work is whimsical, abstract and tactile. It is inspired by found objects, the physical world and the materials that I work in, such as opals, pearls and jewel beetles. I love creating art that can be worn to express a mood or a sense of humor, but can also have historical references, such as the Victorian letter seals or the jewel beetles (which were worn in Victorian times). For me, jewelry is more than adornment, it is an expression of one’s attitude, a way to let the outside world know what the inner landscape is embracing. It is a way to show our spirit, our love and our fascination with the embellishment of the body that has captured our attention throughout the ages."

All pieces in Jan's collection will automatically receive FREE shipping during the Spring Virtual Craft Market on May 1st & 2nd!