Lindsey Dean "Emergence"
Lindsey Dean "Emergence"
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Lindsey Dean "Emergence"

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stainless steel, aluminum, lightbulbs, electrical wiring and components
digitally designed, CNC laser cut, traditionally formed and welded
9" (excluding wiring) x 34" x 21"

"A planet in a solar system, a person in a community, a cell in a body; a whole would not exist without its parts, nor would its parts survive without the whole.

By examining nature, from the micro to macro level, singular elements combine and form collectives. Emergence occurs when these entities are observed to have properties their parts do not have on their own. The possibilities that exist in isolation are extremely limited when compared to the possibilities which exist within a whole system - such as when a bicycle and its rider interoperate, or when people come together in unity toward a shared goal. Through exploring material, form, and scale while rooted in concepts questioning our relationship with objects, Sam + Lin Designs create complex structures that comment on the interconnectivity of individuals in a whole.

The processes that embody Emergence are intrinsically meditative and therapeutic. Through implementing specific patterns and rules a complex structure arises while combining 3D fabrication and 2D computer-aided craft techniques. The form is meticulously designed on the computer and repetitively laser cut into sheet metal, then rolled, formed, and constructed through traditional metal fabrication processes. It is in the recognition of a pattern that an interconnected system and feeling of wholeness arises out of a series of otherwise simple, singular lines. The structure’s form is whimsical, celestial, and skeletal; its ubiquitousness is reminiscent of networks in nature.

Whether scaled up to public art, intended to fill a home, or designed as a wearable, Emergence has a momentum that pulls the viewer in and projects a seamless juxtaposition between contemporary sculpture and functional design. The multitude of negative space throughout creates shadows that interact with the environment it’s engulfed in. Instead of sitting on top of a space, the form seamlessly connects to its surroundings."

Before beginning the assistantship at Peters Valley I considered myself a jeweler that dabbled in sculpture and furniture. I applied to the Wood Shop because I wanted to exercise my skills in woodworking and expand my knowledge of the unknown. Starting midway through the workshop season, I began the residency with confidence and an open mind. I soon came to realize I was extremely out of my element knowing none of the pre-reqs for the material I was teaching! Overcome with fear and doubt, I questioned the decision choosing a material that differed from my 4 year degree. 

Soon enough I became comfortable in a place I soon called home. I slowly came to understand that Peters Valley is a place for growth and exploration where you’re free to test out new materials and techniques. I applied my prior skills of jewelry and metalsmithing to some of the wood projects and produced results that were unlike those of a traditional woodworker. Through the assistantship experience I learned to leverage my past knowledge and apply them in experimental ways. 

Since leaving Peter’s Valley I’ve worked at a 3D printing sculpture studio, traveled around Asia for 6 months, helped weld a 20ft steel dragon, co-founded a metal fabrication studio that specializes in public art and lighting, and co-created an educational program that teaches youth the importance of sustainability and how to fabricate metal into sculptures. I believe the assistantship experience helped fuel me with confidence, self-worth, and fearlessness.

Lindsey Dean, Penn Yan, NY
Lindsey Dean is a designer / craftswoman / sculptress / educator residing and working in the Finger Lakes Region of New York. She earned a B.F.A in Metal at SUNY New Paltz where she began to explore the design and craft of jewelry, homeware, sculpture and furniture. Lindsey is the Co-founder of Sam + Lin Designs, a metal design and fabricating studio that builds sculptural landmarks, lighting, furniture, jewelry, and offers custom solutions for promoting business identities. She's also the Co-owner of IDEA Collective, a portable art studio that connects youth with their surrounding communities to build collaborative public artwork that celebrates sustainability, teamwork, hands-on learning, and trade skills. Though trained as a jeweler, Lindsey's forms grow in size as she explores furniture, and lighting. She is attracted to these domestic objects because of their ubiquity, utilitarian function, gender and age neutrality, and the personal relationships that develop with owners through daily routine. Exploring through the processes of metalsmithing and woodworking, she disrupts our connection between the form and functionality of objects. By multiplying, exaggerating, embedding, and skewing material, Lindsey questions the ingrained forms and functions of everyday items.

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