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By Andy Boswell

Andy has no control over where the crystals grow or when they begin growing. It is a natural process which is completely unique every time. The glaze grows crystals between 2000 F and 1600 F. Andy holds the kiln between these temperatures for 12 hours while making subtle adjustments to give the crystals time to grow larger and develop rings.

They are primarily made of Zing, Silica and Copper which are added to the glaze recipe as fine powders. The high temperature and purity of the materials ensure they are extremely durable, microwave and dishwasher safe.

The first crystalline glazes were developed by two French Chemists in 1893. They are still quite rare because they are extremely technical and difficult to work with. With Andy's background as a second generation potter, a formal education in Ceramics at RIT and some extra help from a ceramic engineer, Andy has been able to bridge the gap between Art and Science to master these glazes.