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"I've always found sentimental value in small items, whether it be an heirloom or a botanical specimen, and for this reason, I design jewelry to create a bond between a treasured object and its possessor."

Bethany Montana fuels her creativity through her passion for finding beauty in everyday objects. Montana focuses on structure and composition within her work, while paying attention to practical wearability. She can link all of her inspiration to the organic formation of elements in nature as well as the elegant, incredibly delicate features of antiques.

Montana states, "Not all designs start on a drawing board; sometimes, you just need the raw elements in your hands to be inspired." Montana's designs are constructed with many small, hand-cut sterling silver elements that are then soldered together with a steady hand, as well as cast elements. Many of her pieces are accented with 23K gold leaf and various stones for elegant embellishment.

Bethany Montana has been fabricating her own designs since her introduction to jewelry making in high school. In 2009, she graduated from Marywood University in Scranton, Pennsylvania with a BFA in sculpture and a concentration in jewelry. She has gained experience by working closely with professional artists, and has broadened her techniques through experimentation.